15 March 2023: Cash withdrawals from accounts in foreign currencies

10 March 2023: Law regulating partnership between the public and private sectors

27 February 2023: A question directed to the government about the safety of school buildings

27 February 2023: Suspension of Banque du Liban Governor Riad Salameh

24 February 2023: The bi-monthly budget of the Banque du Liban

20 February 2023: The budget of the Bank of Lebanon

25 January 2023: Follow-up on the safety of school buildings

5 January 2023: Converting the question submitted about the issue of protecting the southern silos of Beirut Port into an interrogation

24 October 2022: Dollar Exchange Rate

5 September 2022: Grain Silos

24 August 2022: Customs Dollar

13 July 2022: Raising the allowances and salaries of MPs and judges

21 June 2022: Implementing Law of Protecting Horj Beirut

20 June 2022: Illegal Cafes at Horj Beirut

24 April 2021: Pollution of the Litani River and Qaraoun Lake

17 November 2020: Violations of the Banque du Liban

30 October 2020: Banque du Liban Reserves in US Dollars

28 July 2020: Gold Assets of the Banque du Liban

15 July 2020: The fate of the $1.135 billion in Special Drawing Rights allowance from the International Monetary Fund

14 July 2020: Transfers to Lebanese Students Abroad

5 July 2020: Pipes Used to Pump Water to Beirut

10 June 2020: Audit of Treasury Accounts