In 1975, Mr. Fouad Makhzoumi, a new graduate and confident young man, sought an opportunity to realize his ambition in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the world of business, he has shown vision, initiative, a readiness to take bold steps and to undertake adventurous projects. In Saudi Arabia, Mr. Makhzoumi played a strategic role in developing one of largest private industrial group of companies.

In 1984, a company controlled by Mr. Fouad Makhzoumi, acquired a substantial interest in a UAE based pipe manufacturing and trading business. Under Mr. Makhzoumi’s leadership and industrial expertise what became the Future Pipe Industries Group, which is now wholly owned by Future Group Holdings, has grown into one of the world’s largest producers of composite pipe systems and is now a global player in its scope of activities with specialized subsidiaries in four continents.

As well as Future Pipe Industries Group, Mr. Makhzoumi controls a diverse portfolio of investments including: engineering; industrial; commercial; research; real estate; security; information; multimedia and publishing businesses. Together, these companies employ more than 5’000 people across the world, in the following countries: Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Italy, France, The Netherlands, Germany, UK, Spain, Morocco, U. S.A., Thailand, India, Indonesia and Singapore.

Mr. Makhzoumi has been the Executive Chairman of Future Pipe Industries Group since 2003 and he is also currently its Chief Executive Officer. He has also been the Executive Chairman of Future Group Holdings since 1982.