Behind every great man is a great family. Born and raised in Beirut, Fouad grew up with a strong attachment to his city, always returning to it with the intention of helping it evolve. Upon graduating in 1975, he married the love of his life, May Naamani. The two built their union on mutual love, respect, and support, which would later go on to be the foundation of their success. Their devoted matrimony was blessed with three children, their late son Rami , who is survived by his three daughters, Tamara, who is currently married with two children of her own, and Camellia. Whether it be his role as a father or grandfather, Fouad always surrounded his children and grandchildren in a loving environment that promoted personal growth and ethical values. Much of this can be attributed to May’s unconditional commitment and constant support, characteristics that helped her blossom in her role as chairperson of the Makhzoumi Foundation. Even though this commanding couple are renowned for their business accomplishments, they always put family first.

In fact, for centuries the Makhzoumi family has had a rich heritage of successful and influential leaders who have been known to stand strong to their principles. Today, the Makhzoumi family is dedicated to honoring the legacy of their forefathers by preserving their rich heritage and carrying out their thoughtful message in every step they take.