“Based on the social responsibility falling on the shoulders of every well-off individual, I have worked hard through my industrial, commercial, and societal organizations, to full-heartedly embrace my share of that responsibility.”

Starting from humble beginnings, Fouad feels a responsibility to kick off the careers of ambitious up-and-comers. Dating back to 1997, he began his journey of goodwill by launching the Makhzoumi Foundation. This private non-profit organization offers a variety of features ranging from occupational training platforms, health care, and micro-credit programs to professionally develop those who show a strong desire to succeed. The Foundation is chaired by Fouad’s wife, Mrs. May Naamani Makhzoumi, out of a strong desire to support fellow citizens in achieving self‐dependency and improving their career prospects. With the help of a committed team, the Makhzoumis have made it their goal to provide these prodigies with state-of-the-art programs, development projects and units to address the needs of the promising Lebanese community. Fouad strongly believes that “social responsibility, towards all humanity, is not simply achieved by offering assistance and services for the less fortunate, but by also enabling them to take responsibility towards themselves & others.” This humanitarian thinking instilled in him a drive to create a continuous cycle where in the youths are given the means to achieve self‐sustainability thus serving their society and surroundings.

Apart from the growing foundation, Fouad makes it a point to support public education, entrepreneurship, and other forms of training. Understanding the opportunity of youthful prospects, Fouad has helped develop motivated students with several donations at major Lebanese, American, and Canadian universities and colleges.

Amongst the many initiatives Fouad & May are behind: Rami Makhzoumi Initiative for Corporate Governance (AUB), Rami Makhzoumi Scholarship and Leadership award, and the Fouad & May Art Terrace- Cultural Centre (IC), Forum for National Dialogue, at the moment concentrating on future of the youth through the Oil & Gas Conferences. Lately Fouad Makhzoumi Initiative for Innovation (LAU)… amongst others, with the desire to promote the welfare and advancement of others.