Executive Chairman & CEO
Future Group
The key factor of growth for Future Group is our ability to move energy from one point to another. The infrastructure and the revenue of this industry amounts to USD170 billion per year. As the world population keeps growing, this industry grows as well since it is a basic need. As volatile as the market can be and as difficult as the political situation can become whenever two neighbors decide to cut pipelines, we continue to grow. If we look at it from the perspective that the pipeline industry provides, it is all about strategies and finding the right channels to exploit in the business. The future of the industry is promising, too, since we are witnessing a change in global politics and countries are forming new alliances according to their reserves and interests. Before expanding to a new market, we look at the level of infrastructure. We want to ensure the countries where we plan to operate have established investment laws and the right level of infrastructure to ease the path for us. The Americas are also a promising market to invest in. The same thing will happen with Eastern Europe now that it is booming economically. Finally, we also look at Sub-Saharan Africa as the place to be, although we are more cautious about this market.